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Free Online Teaching Tools: EdPuzzle

EDPuzzle is an easy-to-use video platform that helps instructors boost student learning through video lessons. It collects learner data and can be used in a variety of learning environments.


EDPuzzle allows for instructors or learners to create customized videos specific to a particular topic. For example, if there is an important video you would like for your learners to watch, an instructor can create an EDPuzzle video that tracks who watched the video and set up quizzes to ensure learners are absorbing the information correctly. Think of EDPuzzle as the newer version of watching a movie in a standard classroom. Instead of the instructor pausing the movie to call on students to see if they are understanding the movie or paying attention, EDPuzzle tests all of the students knowledge at once. In addition, EDPuzzle is a tool that can be used in a number of different environments (educational or training). When teaching new policies or a new tool for a company, trainers can use EDPuzzle to ensure employees are grasping concepts and can ensure completion of training for these tools.

In an online setting, EDPuzzle is a great way of creating a new, fun, and interactive way to introduce students to new content. Rather than have students watch videos and take a quiz - you can now embedded them both into one! The only downfall I have not been able to find a work-around for is embedding the grades directly into an LMS. Right now, it seems that instructors would need to access EDPuzzle's website to obtain grades and then manually enter the grades into the LMS.

EDPuzzle can impact learning by providing a new and exciting tool for learners. In some situations, formative assessment can become redundant for learners (same old, same old). By implementing EDPuzzle, learners can have a “flipped” classroom experience, an exciting eLearning day, a new training experience, etc. As learners and instructors become more aware of technology and the role it plays in learning, EDPuzzle can help fill this gap and provide a new environment for learners.

EDPuzzle is free to use (a bonus for those in situations where money may be a concern). It is a simple tool and allows users to create engaging assessments in a matter of minutes. In those situations where a concept is not fully explained in the original video, audio can be added to help provide additional information for the learner. The audio elements can also help to break up a larger video into smaller bite-sized pieces for the learner. EDPuzzle is as simple as selecting a video, cropping it (if required), adding your voice or video, adding audio notes and/or quizzes, and uploading to your account to share with others!

Do any of you have experience implementing EDPuzzle into a classroom or training environment? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences! Post them below!

Until next week,


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