teaching experience

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 
― Phil Collins

My desire to teach is not limited to the classroom or a period of time. I have found that my love for teaching has stemmed from my love of learning. It is not only a reciprocal but a life-long process. Being able to help individuals find a passion within themselves is a feeling that is hard to explain in words. The more I teach, the more I find myself defining my teaching style as mentoring - guiding students to learn from one another, from their own experiences, and by providing the tools and resources to help them succeed. In order for me to be an effective teacher, it is important for me to constantly be learning along those I am instructing. How is a person supposed to adequately teach others if they are not open to the learning process themselves? 

Furthermore, I take pride in reviewing my learners' feedback and making changes each term to meet the needs of my students. This process directly ties in with my experiences and training as an instructional designer. Feedback is a crucial part of any learning experience and must be taken into consideration to effectively design and develop meaningful learning experiences for all. 

As you can see from the teaching experiences listed below, I have engaged in a wide array of styles of teaching:

  • Competency-based (individual development, mentorship) - EDCI 660

  • Standard face-to-face teaching format (discussion and lecture heavy) - EDCI 531

  • Standard online teaching format (seminar focused on preparing new graduate students for online study) - EDCI 520001

  • Problem-based, case study format (in online setting) - EDCI 627

Teaching Experience