research & disseminating knowledge

insights into my research skills, interests, and experiences 

As an individual who is new to research, I am interested in many topics across the field of instructional design.  Topics of interest include:

  • Academic discourse in online communities.  

  • Instructional design implementation in larger populations.  

  • How communities of best practices or design reach a large set of individuals?  

  • The role of instructional design in academic settings.  

  • Perceptions and implementation of peer review in online settings.

At this point in my career, I have just to begun to focus on the areas of interest.  I have yet to develop specific questions or problems that need to be solved.  My research interests are trying to read and learn more about current trends and concerns in the field of instructional design.  In the process of finding my true research passion, I have worked on (and will continue to work on) different research projects to open myself up to a variety of topics and collaborations. As a practicing instructional designer, I find joy in disseminating academic knowledge to those who may not be able to access or find the information on their own.  I strive to take my own experiences and growing skill set and share those with others. 

A research highlight I experienced in 2020 (and possibly my career), was the recognition from Dr. Randy Garrison (professor emeritus at the University of Calgary) who's life work focuses on and around the Community of Inquiry framework. My first single-authored published paper was selected as a blog topic by Dr. Garrison. Both the article and Dr. Garrison's response are linked below. 

Selected Research Publication Experience 

Selected Research Presentation Experience 

  • Conference Proceeding.  Koehler, A., Cheng, Z., Fiock, H., Janakiraman, S., Wang, H. & Chartier, K. (2020).  The role of online case-based discussions in supporting individual problem solving.  Paper to be presented at a roundtable session at AERA, San Francisco, CA. (Conference canceled).

  • Conference Proceeding.  Fiock, H. (April 15, 2020).  Running an online student center.  Paper presented at eLearning Consortium of Colorado Conference, virtual conference.

  • Conference Proceeding.  Fiock, H. (2020).  Designing for community: An online student center.  Design showcase presented at Instructional Systems Technology (IST) Conference, Bloomington, IN.

  • Conference Proceeding.  Koehler, A., Chartier, K., Cheng, Z., Fiock, H., Janakiraman, S., and Wang, H. (2019).  Examining Students’ Use of Online Case-based Discussions to Support Problem Solving.  Paper presented at AECT, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Conference Proceeding.  Richardson, J., Lewandowski, J., Fiock, H., and Gentry, M. (April, 2016).  Getting Our Hands Dirty:  Applying an Experiential Learning Lens to a Graduate Program in Learning Design and Technology Program.  Paper presented at Global Learn Conference, Limerick, Ireland.

  • Presentation.  Watson, W. & Fiock, H. (April, 2018).  The design and implementation of a digital-badges and competency-based program for online ID masters students.  Presentation for Research Seminar - Career and Technical Education, West Lafayette, Indiana. 

Research Teams

  • Member of a^pl research team led by Dr. Adrie Koehler-Blair.  a^pl looks at analyzing problem-centered learning problems in instructional design settings.  We are currently researching problem solving in an advanced instructional design master's level course.  

  • Member of EDCI 674 research team led by Dr. Adrie Koehler-Blair.  In EDCI 674, six doctoral students are jointly working on a manuscript regarding the students own sense-making process. 



Check out my recent IRRODL publication focusing on the use of the Community of Inquiry framework and all of the strategies you can use to make a difference in your own online classes.