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Learning New Tools: Padlet (take 2)

This week, I'm focusing on the use of collaborate tools to increase student engagement in different learning environments. The tool I examined this week was Padlet. Padlet is essentially an online collaborative tool that can help an instructor or trainer elicit responses in real time. As technology grows, so does the need for learners to develop and acquire 21st century skills. Padlet allows learners to respond to questions in real time or at a later date – letting the instructor or trainer know if content needs to be covered in more depth or if the learners are ready to move on to the next topic.

Padlet, from my own experience as an instructional designer, is multifaceted. There are numerous different types of uses for this tool both from a training or educational context. In fact, there are a lot of Padlet "walls" out there demonstrating and sharing ideas on how Padlet can be used in the classroom (shared below). However, let's first describe a few ways that Padlet can be used in online courses.

Padlet as a Group Tool. When working in collaborative groups online, sharing resources can be difficult. Some students prefer to have resources shared in one online space - in these cases, Padlet is the tool for you. A wall can be set up where documents, websites, videos, images, and other resources can be uploaded and shared with a group (either in private or public spaces).

Padlet as a Discussion Tool. In some cases, discussions in LMS' can be repetitive, dull, and limited on variety. Padlet can be embedded into different LMS' to provide a different type of discussion. An original post can be uploaded with supporting documentation (a video, an image, a website) and then others can respond directly to the author's post.

Document Hub. Upload class notes, files, documents in a Padlet board. Students can access all documents in one streamlined area. It can also house mini-videos or overviews of class assignments. In some cases, students will be able to compare resources and look at assignments before starting them.

Other Ideas. Icebreakers, Module Kick-Offs and Closure, Session Reviews, Project Galleries, etc.

Padlet Walls as Resources.

Have you used Padlet in your classroom or in an online course? I'd love to hear your experiences on this. Until next week - h.

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