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ID2ID Professional Development - Synopsis 2

ID2ID Program

As part of the ID2ID Experience I am taking part in this year, we (my buddy and myself) are asked to attend or participate in two professional development opportunities. To learn about our first professional development, please feel free to read my blog ID2ID Professional Development - Synopsis 1.

As a reminder, we decided to write up a literature review on our topic of Audio Feedback. Once our resources were gathered, we were having difficulty learning how to structure and write up our literature review. In order to help guide our writing of an academic literature review we each referenced the same book Writing Literature Reviews: A Guide for Students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. This book breaks down the research, writing, and editing process of conducting a literature review. I have linked the book if any of my readers would like to purchase or review this book for their own reference.

By using this book together, we are working towards our program goal of writing a literature review. We are also able to read the text and refer back to each other with questions or concerns on certain topics. It also allows for us to discuss certain aspects of a literature review that we may not be familiar with (but our buddy may be). It was a nice change from our first professional development experience where we both attended similar meetings with different librarians. This gave us the same foundation moving forward.

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