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ID2ID Experience: What is this?

In late June, I was informed that I was accepted into a professional development program for instructional designers through Penn State University - the ID2ID Program. According to their website, "The ID2ID program provides a structure for instructional designers to share their areas of expertise with one another and allows them to focus on improving areas where they are less knowledgeable. The program is designed to increase communication among instructional designers outside of their reporting unit, and create opportunities to learn about location and unit-specific instructional design roles. The program also provides an opportunity for participants to grow professionally by cultivating their professional network, broaden perspectives within the PSU Learning Design Community (PSULDC), and grow their expertise in the instructional design field."

As soon as I received my welcome email, I had to confirm my acceptance. I did so without hesitation. It wasn't until after I found out that this program requires a lot from its participants. First, by meeting all of the requirement, the participants in this program will earn a digital badge. Which is super cool, right? But, what are the requirements?

  1. Develop your own goals and objectives for the program

  2. Participate in two professional development activities

  3. Attend and discuss two ID2ID webinars

  4. Complete two evaluations - a midterm and a final

  5. Complete two reflections

  6. Complete a capstone project

  • The capstone project must fall into the following categories: "Qualifying submissions are limited to an article/blog post for a professional organization(e.g., EDUCAUSE Review, Transforming Higher Education, etc.), conference/webinar proposal and presentation (acceptance at conference is not required), or a tool that meets some type of association or organizational need. You will need to provide evidence of this by submitting a link to your article, a copy of your proposal and presentation, or other proof of your contribution to a community or association."

I would be remiss in saying that the requirements didn't scare me at first. Based on the the overview and the website - I wasn't expecting so many requirements for a program. In fact, I thought it was going to be more of a networking experience with a "buddy" who I would meet with and discuss topics that we were both interested in. During my first meeting with my buddy - she assured me that this program really helped her (it was her second time completing the program) and that while there is a time commitment, she enjoyed every minute of it. Our conversation was really the confirmation I needed that a) I could do this and b) it would be beneficial to me professional.

We are now at the end of our second month in the program and I wanted to take this time to reflect on the process and share with the group (in addition to my reflections required for the program).

First, I want to make sure those who are interested in the program are made aware of the time commitment and the requirements of the program prior to committing. During our first welcome webinar, I realized that there were a lot of people who dropped out. I think it is just best to be honest and upfront about the program.

Second, this experience has truly been amazing. It is a lot of work. However, it has been great working with another IDer across the country in a different type of format with different experiences. My buddy has really been great. We've come up with an excellent game plan - and when we progress those ideas into concepts - I'll be more than happy to share those with the group!

Long story short - I wanted to take the time to update you on this program. I'll be updating my blog with my experiences and how the process is going! I hope you are able to find time in your own schedules for professional development, personal and professional growth.

Until next time,


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