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Resources for e-learning amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Many educational programs are currently scrambling to learn how to teach and have their students learn in an online format. While many resources are out there - I'm hoping to bring a few of them together in one place for those who need it.

Amazing Educational Resources. A list of companies that are offering free services or subscriptions due to school closures.

Free or reduced cost internet. Here's a link to a news story that covers a listing of companies offering free or reduced cost internet and other utility-based energy.

Virtual Field Trips to Zoos. Many zoos are opening their doors and having virtual field trips for those who are in quarantine. This is not only a great resource for teachers who may be discussing certain animals - but for those younger kids that may not yet bet in school.

Pinterest: Quarantined Activities. A lot of teachers, parents, and educators are using Pinterest to share ideas on what to do during this time. This is a great place to find easy and cheap lessons for your children or classroom.

Higher Educational Resources. A open Google Doc with resources for those in higher educational settings.

Purdue Online Portal. Resources and guides for online teaching and learning.

At the end of the day - stay at home, wash your hands, and be safe!

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