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I've realized that I haven't kept to my weekly posting requirement and I have a great excuse... I'm busy.

Not only have I've been trying to manage my time and projects accordingly, I have taken on a special role of integrating and testing out a new pilot for competency based badges as a means for master's level students to demonstrate their knowledge using both coursework and prior experience from the field. These badges have great meaning for growth and expansion of our program but also require a large amount of time in terms of working out all of the kinks in the program. As a result of this pilot and my other projects, I've still found time to work on my own professional development but haven't been able to post about it. Therefore, I wanted to throw a quick post together on what I've been working on lately:

  • I've entered some of my work into a logo competition which allowed me to work on my design skills in terms of spacial awareness, color selection, flow of text, text selection, etc.

  • I created a job aid on self-plagiarism and reusing work (also known as recycling work).

  • I created a job aid on how to use discussion boards in Blackboard (a user guide).

  • In my spare time, I've been trying to catch up and create the best user checklist for making sure our Blackboard courses are ADA compliant.

I hope you all are keeping to your resolutions better than I am!


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