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my professional planning goals

Professional planning is a key element in making the most out of any experience.  The idea of planning is especially important in a doctoral program as it can help the learner write out their own goals as means to be accountable. 

Goals Upon Graduation

  • My goal is to earn a doctorate degree and help others in the field of instructional design.  At this time, I'm unclear as where I end up - becoming a faculty member and teaching the next generation of instructional designers, leading an instructional design team focuses on effective development of learning materials, or working in a government position where I can use my experiences in evaluation to help fuel our government to be the best it can be. 

Current Projects

  • Drafting a paper focused on problem-solving in a case-based online course [a^pl research team]. Done & pending publication!

  • Drafting an auto-ethnography as a group looking at the role of theory [extension of EDCI 674].

  • Finishing up a design case paper on running an online student center.

  • Drafting an Open Educational Research [OER] on instructional strategies [extension of EDCI 673]. Done & published!

Research Goals

  • In 2018, my goal was to be published in the field.  I find value in contributing to the field in a meaningful way that can help practitioners understand and know of the growing trends in instructional design.  As of spring 2019, I was informed I would be published as part of a group research team as well as an individual article focused on strategies that can be used as part of the Community of Inquiry framework. 

  • In 2019, my goal is to expand my knowledge of research in terms of the following:

    • Take at least one research method(s) course.​​ Done!​​

    • Send at least three articles in for publication. Nope! I only got two articles sent in. 

  • In 2020, my goal is to, again, expand my knowledge of research in terms of the following:​

    • Take another research method course.​ Done!

    • As part of our EDCI 674 research team, finalize and send our class project for publication [December due date].

    • As part of the EDCI 673 research team, work together on a group project. 

    • Finalize a paper I've been working on for the past year. 

Scholarly Discussion & Reflection

As I am just beginning my journey as a researcher and doctoral student, I have plenty of time and area to explore and find my place.  I view 2020 as an extension to 2019 where I'm still gaining the basic knowledge and experience needed in order to make a difference in the field (as well as becoming a researcher).  In 2020, I plan to remain actively involved in research groups and continue to explore and learn more about different types of research and research studies. I'm excited to take a course in the spring of 2020 to work as a group to complete a research project.  In addition, I enjoying blogging to reflect, discuss, and explore aspects of my doctoral studies (as well as my work as an instructional designer).  Blogging helps me to explore and realize how I view topics I'm learning as well as connecting with the community as a whole (practitioners and new members to the instructional design field).  


One thing I've learned in 2019 is that I set pretty lofty goals for myself in terms of sending out articles for publication.  Writing three articles alone is a large commitment that I thought I would be able to take on.  However, since I'm working full time in addition to taking doctoral course work, setting a bar this high was almost impossible.  I was able to get two articles published: one as a single author and the other as part of a relationship with another instructional designer across the country.  I challenged myself in 2019 to work on my first major project as part of a team. The process of working and collaborating with a lot of different and individual viewpoints was more difficult than I expected.  However, I am thankful to learn and grow from the process.  In addition, that experience will directly helps me to prepare for a course that I'm taking in the spring of 2020.  Once this project is finalized, I know that we (as a group) will be able to send something out that will contribute highly to the field of instructional design. More on that once I'm able to share it with you...



My academic family

From left to right: Dr. Jennifer Richardson (faculty advisor & friend, Purdue University), Dr. Karen Swan (academic 'grandma,' University of Illinois, Springfield), and me while in Ireland at the Global Learn Conference 2016.