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learning design and technology goals

visions and insights contributing to the field of instructional design

my professional planning goals



This section of my portfolio is dedicated to my work in my doctorate program - Learning Design and Technology at Purdue University. 


My goal is to earn a doctorate degree and help others in the field of instructional design.  At this time, I'm unclear as where I end up - becoming a faculty member and researching online learning environments and teaching the next generation of instructional designers -or- leading an instructional design team focusing on effective development of learning materials - or- working in a government position where I can use my experiences in evaluation to help fuel our government to be the best it can be.

I'm excited to see where I go. 

Projects & Goals

2021-22 Goals

My goal is to expand my knowledge of research in terms of the following:​

  • Prepare for and discuss prelims.

  • Explore academic and research relationships within Purdue Online. 

  • Focus on and go through the IRB process

Current Projects

  • A design case paper on running an online student center. Accepted for publication.   

  • Literature review. In design.  

  • Research project related to Purdue Online Initiative. Exploration stage. 

Want More?

Scholarly Discussion & Reflection

Reflection: In 2021, I was able to accomplish a lot of my goals – most of which focused on publication and getting papers to the final stage. I’m most proud of the collaborative work and triumphs of a group project that was finalized in 2020, but in 2021 received an AECT award for “Outstanding Research and Theory Division – Sponsored Accepted Student Proposal.” Not only was this project a labor of love, but it is also truly a piece of work that I feel will impact the field of instructional design in terms of how theory is taught in graduate level courses. Our study provides insights into how students learn and process the role of theory in instructional design.  


Second, I was able to step outside my comfort zone and reach out to another scholar in the field (outside of Purdue University) who was willing to take me on, albeit as free labor, to a research project. They accepted me and helped provide me with a different research experience than I was used to (different process, new focuses, unique collaborators, etc.). This experience led me to understand the importance of taking risks, asking for guidance, putting yourself out there. Which leads me to my goals for 2021-22. 


Goals:  While I feel comfortable conducting and doing research, I want to explore the role of leadership – both within the academic field but the professional field as well. My goal for my internship (fall 2021) is to explore those in leadership positions at higher educational institutions. Especially with the response to Covid-19, a lot of universities are exploring the role of remote work and online leadership practices. While I have these experiences in terms of working with adjunct faculty, I do lack skills in terms of leading an instructional design team remotely and from a higher educational administration point of view. Academically, I plan to serve student organizations. First, I’ll serve as the GSA Representative for the Division of Distance Learning (DDL) for AECT. Second, I’ve been selected as the Vice President of Professional Development for the Purdue Association of Learning Design and Technology. 


Overall, my goals for this academic year have a theme around “Leadership” and “Service.” Areas where I feel I have minimally participated in the past, now become the focus of my next year. With these goals, I hope to not only provide myself with the skills needed (and may be lacking) but provide and be a mentor to new doctoral students – helping them to become the best versions of themselves.




My academic family

From left to right: Dr. Jennifer Richardson (faculty advisor & friend, Purdue University), Dr. Karen Swan (academic 'grandma,' University of Illinois, Springfield), and me while in Ireland at the Global Learn Conference 2016. 

Dr. Richardson's Crew_1.jpeg


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